Bronze til Bronze?

Slaget om bronzen skal stå i dag på VM’s næstsidste dag. Skal det være de engelske kvinder, der efter noget af en fight tabte snævert til USA, eller bliver det svenskerne, der har spillet en flot turnering, men dog har været ude i forlænget spilletid for bare tre dage siden. Her er vores bud.

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Why on turf did you do that, FIFA?

In an article from 50 female football stars from around the world threaten FIFA to take legal action – because of gender discrimination.

The 2015 Women’s World Cup is held in Canada, and as things stand all six venues will have artificial turf – meaning no group stage games, quarter finals, semi finals or even the final will be played on a good old grass pitch.

The stars claim that this would never be the the case on the men’s side.

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Life is too short …

Growing up as female football players we have been met with questions and fascination – why on earth we’d want to dedicate our lives to football – and in a country where football is considered a male sport (football is by the way the largest women’s sport in Denmark).

Well, it’s actually very simple. We love playing football. Just like many other girls around the world.

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