Why on turf did you do that, FIFA?

In an article from Foxsports.com 50 female football stars from around the world threaten FIFA to take legal action – because of gender discrimination.

The 2015 Women’s World Cup is held in Canada, and as things stand all six venues will have artificial turf – meaning no group stage games, quarter finals, semi finals or even the final will be played on a good old grass pitch.

The stars claim that this would never be the the case on the men’s side.

Anyone who has played football on artificial turf knows that you only slide tackle once. From then on the player is most likely to hesitate before taking the plunge.


Because the bruising is bad – and it’s really difficult to get rid of once it’s there, because it needs rest. And time for rest is just not something you have as an elite player.

Football on artificial turf is also another game than the one on grass. The ball has a different bounce, the way you dribble is different and the pace of the ball is never consistent.

The most startling thing about this case is that FIFA would never in a million years even consider doing this on the men’s side.

Why, then, is it okay to do this on the women’s side? On which grounds did FIFA and CSA (Canadian Soccer Association) base their (terrible) judgement on?

At the moment FIFA and CSA are trying to place the responsibility on one another instead of taking action.

We hope the initial decision can be changed, so the qualified teams will play the world’s best game on grass pitches. Exactly where it belongs.

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