Life is too short …

Growing up as female football players we have been met with questions and fascination – why on earth we’d want to dedicate our lives to football – and in a country where football is considered a male sport (football is by the way the largest women’s sport in Denmark).

Well, it’s actually very simple. We love playing football. Just like many other girls around the world.

If you want to get to the top it takes hard work, courage, belief – and making a lot of tough decisions. You have to say no to parties, birthdays, field trips etc., because you have to train or play games.

We also have to put up with the lack of respect. Life is simply too short for women’s football in our home country. That’s what we are met with, when we present our selves as female football players. And then we have to listen to the eternal comparison between male and female players as if everyone’s just forgotten the very apparent physiological differences.

Honestly, we are tired of having to explain and defend our selves, but it has been a part of the game for as long as we can remember. Does that make it fair? Well, we don’t think so.

We didn’t get involved in the game, because we wanted to become the best or make a living of it. We did it, because football is the best sport in the world. Our ambitions, however, grew bigger as we got older. But even though some seem impressed when you talk about your experiences in the red and white jersey as a national team player, we still face the fact that the women’s game is considered secondary to the men’s.

That’s why we blog. We want to give people a look inside our world – what it’s like being a female football player. Maybe we are able to change some people’s minds about our beloved sport.

About the writers: We are two women (27 and 33 years old) with combined 24 years of experience from the top leagues in Denmark.

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